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20 September Virgo Daily Horoscope
As a Virgo, you're all for planning and preparation. In fact, you could probably apply a level of detail to a plan that ensures bases are covered that others overlook. But something that has received considerable attention recently needs to be taken a step further now. The time for thinking and discussing is coming to a close. What's needed now or shortly is action. But you probably know how and why you'll welcome this.
The last weekend of your birthday month is a chance to look to the future with confidence, especially as you come to the end of a week that is likely to have been empowering or at the very least enlightening. A New Moon in Virgo three days ago has given you a chance to draw a new line in the sand, while the Sun's friendly aspect to first Pluto at the start of the week and then Saturn two days ago, has given you the confidence to listen to your heart. However, it is not until Venus returns to Virgo early next month that your heart will really get its voice.
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