Virgo Daily Horoscope

You have a choice regarding whether you see the proverbial glass in an area of your world is half full or empty. You may have grown so used to seeing it negatively that you struggle to identify the positive qualities on offer. Try to break this repetitive cycle. Turning a pessimistic view into something positive or inspiring can be done more easily than you think. You could also be given a good reason to adjust your attitude or expectation shortly.

Extended Virgo horoscope for today

The Sun is on the move today and that means the solar spotlight is shifting from one area of your life to another. While there is usually a transition rather than an abrupt shift, today's shift from the solar spotlight on work and job matters and onto your relationships is especially smooth. So much so that you might not notice much difference at all, with work and job matters still progress and your relationships already drawing your attention.

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