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01 December Pisces Daily Horoscope
As the Moon and Saturn embrace, you can tune in to something exceptional! You're helped to see an ambitious challenge in a new, more realistic light. It could appear more achievable or within reach than it has done, which is, of course, great news. But you'll also gain a more realistic view of what you need to give effort-wise to bring this vision to fruition. It might sound dramatic, but this Eureka Moment could be life-changing!
While it won't be until just before the Moon leaves Pisces tomorrow that it will align with Jupiter for the last time before he leaves or with Neptune, for the last time while in retrograde motion here. Yet already the Moon is sharpening your sixth sense and feeling more emotionally and intuitively engaged you can sense that this year has reached a major turning point. With Jupiter in direct, Neptune still in retrograde motion but both at a standstill, this is a chance to pause just as you have a window into the past, present and future.
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