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02 December Scorpio Daily Horoscope
If a relationship is to be improved, then there must be a willingness on both sides for this to happen. Sometimes, a relationship scenario can drift for so long that both sides think they're comfortable with the way things stand. But it can take one side to shake an equilibrium by offering a surprising, heartfelt, or conciliatory gesture. Don't believe that what you offer will be unappreciated or unnoticed.
Mercury's departure from Scorpio today won't end all the planetary activity in your sign or the launch of this new solar year but it will change the dynamics. It was 10 days ago that the Sun left Scorpio, wrapping up your birthday month and today Mercury leaves, his job of giving you the intellectually savvy edge needed to create a game plan and resolutions for the coming year over. However, with Venus not leaving for another two weeks and with the Sun and Mercury's more objective focus out of the way, finally your heart is getting its say.
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