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10 July Scorpio Daily Horoscope
There are many processes that we have no option other than to finish what we started if we're going to come close to achieving a result. Cooking or baking, for example, fall into this category. We can stop halfway but will likely be left with an inedible mess. Something you started not long ago but perhaps didn't complete could beg for attention now or shortly. Don't look at it in the belief that you're better off starting again.
The Moon's path back to your busy work sector each month is always through a playful part of your chart, with a chance to go into the busiest days of any month with a better chance to maintain a balance between work and play. However, today's playful lunar vibes are not only drawing on adventurous solar vibes but is exposing the powerful planetary support on both fronts. With the Moon returning for its first visit to your work sector since Mars returned tomorrow, a need to go into this with strong work/life balance ethic is being taken seriously.
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