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27 October Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Would you walk along a rickety bridge, hundreds of feet above a mountainous chasm? A sturdy cable prevents anyone from falling. Sure, they might slip from time to time which will undoubtedly be unnerving. But they can trust an essential precaution is in place. A bold move you're considering could appear intimidating. But believe you have a cosmic safety harness. It won't fail you!
Today's adventurous lunar vibes might be out of place in the middle of the working week but this is something you can afford to make time for. After a friendly aspect to the Sun in the early days of your birthday month and new solar year yesterday and before a friendly aspect to dreamy Neptune in a playful part of your chart before leaving tomorrow, the Moon brings the right reminder at the right time. This is a chance to see a future that is not all work and no play.
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