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20 January Scorpio Daily Horoscope
Your desire for something to be agreed or done on your terms is unlikely due to selfishness. You could be comfortable with knowing what you like and liking what you know. You may also not see why at least one other person doesn't share your view or feeling. But stick to your guns - or at least a matter of principle. You're certainly not obliged to 'go changing just to please someone else.'
In a case of perfect timing, the Sun's departure from your communication sector today allows Venus, the planet of love to take the lead just as Mars and Uranus align in your relationship sector. Until now, the Sun's focus has been on all aspects of communication, while also working to leave you with the mental clarity needed to keep your head in the game. Venus' focus is more on giving your heart and your relationships a voice and she gets to take charge just as Mars and Uranus are shaking things up on the relationship front. This sets the scene for a potential communication and/or relationship breakthrough.
This rune can help you overcome obstacles that hold your goals hostage
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