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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Home-based business opportunities will bring in money and contacts with the creative people you need to pursue your dreams. But the people you work or live with are a little unstable and erratic right now. They are easily distracted by shiny baubles, a fact you can use to your own benefit.

Extended Sagittarius horoscope for today

Today's playful lunar vibes are the perfect chance to catch your breath and experience a reboot. After last week's intensity and with pressure having only really started to ease back yesterday, today's playful lunar vibes tap into new planetary activity on the adventurous front. If life has been work and play or just a little too serious, a mix of playful and adventurous forces today is a chance to make up for lost time. The best news is this is tapping into something that is not only here to stay but will become a lot more exciting when Mars returns to fuel a passion for adventure next week.

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