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31 May Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
As the deep-diving Moon squares Venus, superficial connections won't “cut it” in your book. Some topics may be difficult to raise, but you're right to sense the time has also arrived to raise them. However, if these issues are important to you, they're worth discussing, simple as that. Don't look for agreement right away. Instead, consider this the first stage in a process of openness.
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While the Moon is only passing through your friendship sector and this will always make this a good point in any month for your social life, friendships, teamwork and networking, the timing makes this a lot more significant. This is the Moon's last visit while Pluto is in your communication sector and the only visit while the Sun is in your relationship sector, with a friendly aspect to both yesterday already enhancing the influence of all three. In the lead up to the weekend's Full Moon this couldn't be more important.

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