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19 January Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
When we sense someone needs their spirits lifted or a 'frown turned upside down,' all too often, we distance ourselves from them. We believe we know what's right for them, and that involves space between us. Of course, there are times when that's helpful. But there are other times when the simplest comment or tiniest gesture can work a small miracle. You could be that miracle-maker now.
Underlying everything this week is likely to be a sense of restlessness, with a rise in energy and even impatience that is looking for an outlet. Like a volcano that is looking for its weakest point in order to break through, left to its own devices this could erupt in places or ways that don't really achieve much. This makes it important to channel this into areas that can make a difference and this would be especially effective on the income and job fronts. This can also be channelled into projects or tasks.
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