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25 October Pisces Daily Horoscope
So – should you choose Door Number One or Door Number Two? You might not experience the frustrating or annoying influence of a studio audience shouting suggestions at you. But you could feel torn between two possible options. Much depends on your willingness to take a risk. However, if you feel even a tiny bit courageously inspired now toward one option, there's your answer!
A clash between the Moon and Venus today might put your work/life balance under pressure but with perfect timing for both sides of life's fence. This comes just as Venus is working with the asteroid Juno to not only revisit the professional resolutions you began the year with but with resources on the way that can make this a reality. Yet with the Sun not only in his early days in an adventurous part of your chart but the Moon returning to a playful part tomorrow, life can no longer be all work and no play.
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