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20 January Pisces Daily Horoscope
'Look, I'm going to get straight to the point. I'm not going to beat about the bush or delay what needs to be said. I'm simply going to tell you what's on my mind or in my heart and will be as open and direct as possible.' Hey, we've all been there. We don't intend to draw out what we want to say but can inadvertently end up doing so. Try not to allow your imagination to go into overdrive to do something similar now.
The first full day of an alignment between dreamy Neptune and the dwarf planet Ceres in Pisces today is a chance for a deep dive into something nine months in the making and where the real implications might not be felt for months. Since last April, Neptune and Ceres have been working as a team to update your dreams, needs and priorities as you prepare for the major new doors Jupiter will open when he returns in May. Even ahead of your birthday month and the start of your new solar year next month this couldn't be more important.
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