Libra Daily Horoscope

You'll be talking about romance, but you may not be pushed to do much about it right now. Your energy is on the "rational thought" level, rather than on the "primal emotion" that you really need to bring the beast out in your partner. Sure, they say the mind is the sexiest body part, but not when it's the only part actively engaged.

Extended Libra horoscope for today

This has been a fairly intense week and with a shift towards busier times next week, the Sun's last weekend in a playful part of your chart is something to be embraced. There is extra incentive to embrace the weekend spirit, coming from two very different sources. One of those sources is a new sense of adventure in the air, while the other is some work/life balance reminders. It is all about having the right balance, whether it is the right work/life balance or the right balance between work and play.

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