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21 January Leo Daily Horoscope
Keep your antenna finely tuned to helpful but subtle signs or signals coming from others. Somehow, in some way, information could arrive that helps bring a timely Eureka Moment. There are times when we can search high and low for a helpful or essential nugget of insight. One could find you with the right levels of open-mindedness and patience.
The Sun's departure from your work sector yesterday has done nothing to cool things down professionally and if anything, the Moon is just one factor heating things up on both the job and career fronts today. There is a chance that it could heat things up so much that things become a little too intense in which case, ride the wave and then mine the wealth of valuable clues, hunches and insights exposed over the coming days. In the meantime, as the Sun turns the solar spotlight onto your relationships it will reveal built in support for friendship and relationship building.
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