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11 August Leo Daily Horoscope
It's interesting how many people are more concerned about feeding their stomachs than their minds. We all accept that, if you put mud in a car engine instead of fuel, then the vehicle won't perform well or go far. But it's equally important that we feed our minds with the right kind of fuel in the form of positive data. It may be necessary to train your brain to absorb and process less negativity now.
At the same time that the Sun is spending his last full week in Leo, though not leaving until later next week, Mercury is spending his first, last and only full week here. Here for just 15 days and managing to dodge last week's Full Moon, Mercury is making a quick, trouble free and well supported visit to Leo this year, contained within your birthday month a This is giving the intellectually savvy edge needed to think on your feet as you work on your game plan and resolutions for this new solar year.
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