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22 September Gemini Daily Horoscope
Everybody has at least one task on their daily To-Do List that they prefer to avoid. Procrastination rarely needs much persuasion! But if you're putting off until tomorrow or beyond something you know needs doing today, see what you can do about tackling it and getting it out of the way. However far you move it into the future, it will be there, waiting for you.
Today might feel like you are being held back in order to take care of homework or housekeeping, either literally or figuratively because this is such a good day for taking care of responsibilities. As much as there is a strong pull to come out and play and the last few days may have awoken your professional dreams, the Sun is working to keep you grounded and even focused on things close to home. That won't be the case from tomorrow, making this a good day to get things done.
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