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26 September Gemini Daily Horoscope
Someone's insistence on discussing a particular matter may be wearing thin or draining from your point of view. Perhaps, you can't help but think that their keenness to do so has more to do with their best interests than yours. But that is unlikely to be the case. Be willing to open your mind to a discussion you're encouraged to have. It could be an exchange you'll be glad to have had.
There is a lot developing on both sides of life's fence but also movement between the two as if the planets are getting in position in order to find the right balance between work and play. Ceres' last full day in your career sector and her support for Juno, in her early days in your work sector is maintaining a professional focus, while the Moon returns to an adventurous part of your chart to support the Sun and Mercury in a playful part. Tomorrow will see a defection, with one planet leaving the busy side of life's fence and returning to the playful side while planets on the playful side will move the other way.
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