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16 January Capricorn Daily Horoscope
Do you have a backup plan? Someone as 'on the ball' as you probably has a backup plan for your backup plan. But you could go to unnecessary lengths to create security in some way now. It is possible to imagine worst case scenarios that are unlikely to exist or manifest. Don't convince yourself that essential information is withheld from you or, even worse, somebody has a hidden agenda.
There is no doubt that Mercury's smart head for money has given you a lot more insight thanks to his alignment with Saturn and Jupiter before returning seven days ago but it is some of the minor players that provide context today. Not just on the income front and when it comes to money matters but when it comes to a smart and informed approach to what you deserve or what you value across all the currencies in your life. As well as the Moon's intuitive edge, Mercury's alignment with the asteroid Pallas brings wisdom and intellect together.
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