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22 April Capricorn Daily Horoscope
When we've been busy looking for something, we tend to dislike being told that whatever-it-is is right under our nose. That's something the universe is keen for you to understand. A challenge or problem could appear big in strength and size. The answer to resolving it really couldn't be closer or more apparent, too. But it does need you to have a bit more faith in it to spot it.
While Mars will be working to cram as much into his final hours in your work sector as possible, with Mercury just 12 days away and more planets returning next month, nothing is as urgent as it appears to be. While there is a genuine need to push as much through and get as much done before the working week ends and while you still have Mars' momentum, this is more the starting rather than the finishing line. Just as important is Mars' mission to leave you with a better sense of what you are fighting for and more importantly why.
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