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20 January Capricorn Daily Horoscope
'Ok, I'll get straight to the point, won't beat about the bush, say more than needs to be said, and will be as open and direct as possible.' Yes, we've all been there, waiting for someone to get on with making whatever their point might be. But sometimes, even if we don't intend to draw out what we want to say, we do so. So, rather than believe you have a plethora of points to make now, stick to the most important one!
Your birthday month might come to an end when the Sun leaves Capricorn today but this is far from the end of exploring your options for the coming year. With Venus not only staying on to give your heart a voice but not turning direct until later next week and Mars returning early next week for his first visit to Capricorn in nearly two years, you haven't even begun to explore your options. Even Mercury, who left earlier in the year will retrograde back in next week, with an opportunity for a change of mind or a rethink.
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