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30 September Cancer Daily Horoscope
If you were to reach out and help a particular person, would you receive appreciation or gratitude for doing so? In truth, whether you did or didn't probably doesn't concern you. Your innate ability to be at someone's side when they need you satisfies the part of you that knows you're making someone's world better and brighter. But this is a time when reaching out in such a way certainly won't be unappreciated.
Two days before the Sun and Moon are due to clash as a Full Moon that could create some work/life balance tension, there is already some tension between your home and professional lives. However, this is happening in a way that you can ease into this and even get a jump on what the Full Moon might bring to a head. It is a clash between the Sun in your home and Chiron in your career sector that will expose any issues without either side working to overbear the other. As you can't change what you can't see, this is a chance to ward off challenges from an upcoming Full Moon and focus on the opportunities.
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