Zodiac Mediums

Congratulations! Your sign is a powerful medium. In each of us, the ability of mediumship manifests itself in different ways. The term medium means being in the middle between the material world and the spiritual world. It can be used to help others around you and yourself, but how exactly does it work? Which Zodiac sign is the best medium? Read on to find out!

Published: Sep 19, 2022

Is your zodiac sign a powerful medium?


Aries medium

Aries natives are passionate and impulsive which may be the reason why it’s sometimes difficult for them to find mediumship but when they discover it they develop their powers with ease. Their medium intuition is extremely strong; in fact, Aries natives can be called one of the strongest mediums of the Zodiac.

So, how can you develop your gift? Try this simple exercise: put colored sheets in an envelope and, before drawing one at random, calm down, try to empty your mind, and ask yourself a question: what color is this sheet? Your medium powers will help you receive the right answer – just keep practicing! And one more thing. Before developing your mediumship, try to understand yourself better. This reading will help!


Taureans are materialistic people, so for them, it may be difficult to use their mediumship powers. If you want to boost your medium gift, you need to let go and listen more to their spiritual side. Allow your powers to flow freely in your being. It may be hard, but don’t give up: everyone is born with a part of mediumship in them!

To boost your ability to feel, hear, understand, and see the spirits, leave the material plains aside. Try meditating or reading books on spirituality. It will help you understand yourself and the spiritual part of your life better. If possible, try spending more time outside thinking about yourself and your place in the world.


Gemini medium

Gemini natives are one of the most curious creatures of the Zodiac; many of them have tens of hobbies at once. That’s why they develop their mediumship powers with ease. However, they tend to be inconsistent: one day they’re interested in this thing, and then they’re not. They need to work on their consistency to follow the spiritual path.

So, how to develop your mediumship powers? First, you need to learn how to meditate. Devote at least 10 minutes a day to meditation (or, if you want to progress seriously, at least 30 minutes a day). Just sit down, focus on your body and your breath, and try to get rid of obsessive thoughts! 

Every medium should understand their own energies. This personality analysis will help you with that. 


Cancer natives are one of the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac – that’s why their mediumship is usually extremely strong. They’re excellent psychics and their spirituality means a lot to them. Their emotional sensitivity helps them feel what others are feeling, and sometimes they can almost read other people’s thoughts!

So, how can a Cancer native develop their mediumship powers? You need to work on your emotions. Don’t let bad energies overwhelm you. Focus on your future and get rid of regrets. Thinking about the past won’t do you any good – let it go. This will allow your mediumship powers to become even stronger!


Leo medium

Leo natives are extremely strong mediums but they need to work on their impulsiveness: sometimes, they’re just not patient enough to listen and understand their sixth sense. They usually care a lot about the spiritual part of their lives and tend to be good advisers. They feel other people’s emotions with ease.

Your mediumship helps you have the perfect timing: you know when to speak and when to arrive. To make your mediumship even stronger, you need to work on your feelings, let go of the past, and heal your emotional wounds. Try writing down all your fears, wounds, and doubts – this will help you let them go!

This very informative Tarot spread will help you get rid of your doubts!


Virgo, your mediumship powers are healing. You can sense danger and predict if something bad is about to happen. By discovering your mediumship, you can help many people around you. However, your need to analyze everything from the logical point of view often stops you from developing your abilities.

So, how can you develop your mediumship powers? Try using your analytical perception and intuition at the same time: seek rational explanations but be attentive to the spiritual part of your life. Writing down, analyzing, and interpreting your dreams and the messages of the subconscious can help you with this.


Libra medium

Libra, your medium powers are clairvoyant, and they’re extremely strong. Due to your mediumship, you’re often seen as a wise person: if you say that something will not work, or that some certain person is up to no good, you’re usually right. Because of your strong intuition, you’re a great adviser.

So, is it possible for Libra natives to develop their clairvoyant medium powers? To do so, you need to fight your own inconsistency. You need to focus on just one thing (in this case, it’s your spirituality). Spend more time with people who are in touch with their spirituality as they will help you discover your mediumship. 

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In general, Scorpio natives are great mediums. Their powers are clairvoyant and sensitive. For them, it’s extremely easy to feel and understand the energy of people, places, and even things. If a Scorpio native tells you that the energy of your house is not good, trust them and make sure to purify it!

So, how can you develop your mediumship as a Scorpio? Try spending more time near water – your sign is ruled by this element, so it may send a lot of energies and good vibes your way. Relax, get rid of obsessive thoughts, trust your instincts, and do not allow negative feelings to overtake your mind. And if you need help, check out these anti-stress tips. 


Sagittarius medium

Sags tend to have an enormous interior light, so their medium powers are usually strong. But the thing is, Sagittarians don’t take them seriously and sometimes even refuse to develop them because they are skeptical about all this spiritual stuff. They need to be careful not to make fun of their gift.

Due to your mediumship powers, you know exactly where your possibilities are – that’s why you’re the optimist of the Zodiac. When you need to make a decision, you go for it. Sags tend to be successful; you just know how to achieve your goals. You have a pure soul that feels positive energies.


For Capricorns, it may be extremely difficult to feel and understand the spiritual world – they’re just too rational and materialistic for it. They’re also one of the most pessimistic signs of the Zodiac. If you want to develop your medium powers as a Cap, try freewriting or detaching yourself from the material way by meditation.

So, how does your mediumship work? Due to it, you understand the rhythm of life better than anyone else. This is your key to success: you just know how to achieve your goals. Climbing the career ladder for you is extremely easy. Their medium powers make them brave and unafraid of obstacles.


Aquarius medium

In general, Aquarius natives are interested in the spiritual part of their lives and seek knowledge about it. Their strong intuition helps them feel and understand both materialistic and spiritual worlds. Their mediumship tends to be quite strong and helps them find the desired path when they get lost.

So, how do your mediumship powers work? They’re focused on achieving your goals; due to them, you can easily get whatever you want. Their creativity and intuition can even help them predict the future. When they can’t find the logical explanation, their sixth sense helps them find the answers.


Piscean, you probably already know that you’re extremely sensitive. This makes your mediumship powers strong; due to them, you can help people around you and even rescue lost souls. You’re by far the most spiritual and esoteric Zodiac sign – you have all the pieces of the puzzle of life in your mind.

So, how can you make your mediumship abilities even stronger? To do so, you need to believe in your own powers. Some Pisceans tend to doubt themselves, so, if you’re one of them, try fighting these doubts and fears. If you believe in yourself and your powers, your mediumship will heal you and lots of people around you! 

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