They’re soppy and full of questionable love lessons but we love them anyway. They can transport you from the dull reality into the world full of magic, laughter, love, tired cliches, and stupid pick up lines. They’re rom-coms and they deserve your attention this Valentine’s Day – check out the movie for your Zodiac sign!

Once Leos fall in love, they become stubbornly loyal, extremely forward, brutally honest, and do anything to protect their significant other. They shower them with their royal attention and want the same in return. If Leo is in love with someone, they’re for a wild ride. Only Leos can love someone THIS much.

Watch When in Rome if you want to see what happens when you steal coins from a love fountain. This simple and funny love story will teach you some important lessons (in a light-hearted rom-com-ish way, of course), boost your Leo energy, and remind you that sometimes it’s needed to think about love optimistically.

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