Every sign has their own quirk – or the thing they can get away with because people around them love them. And those things can vary quite wildly by sign. Some Zodiac signs can get away with bowing out of any kind of social activities. Some can get away with saying whatever they want. So, what is your sign’s quirk?

Virgo native, you’re obsessed with cleanliness. Visiting your house, neatness is the rule. After cooking, you hate the thought of going to bed with a dirty kitchen. If someone dares to threaten your sense of order, organization, and cleanliness, you become agitated or really uncomfortable.

But people indulge this weird side of you because you’re a really great friend and would do everything you can for those people you love and care about. And another thing: you always show up to events early. But your friends know that this is just your special way to keep the things under your control.

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