Women of the Zodiac

What kind of woman are you, according to your sign?

By Eugenia Stern

Published: Mar 03, 2021

Each woman of the Zodiac is unique and valid. Each of them has her own essence, strengths, wishes, and even weaknesses – because having weaknesses is okay! They’re warriors, seekers, dreamers, solid fortresses, stars, mothers, and lovers. Who are YOU?

Read your Women of the Zodiac horoscope to explore your own essence and characteristics!


The women of this passionate sign are strong personalities who just cannot be defeated. Obstacles don’t scare them. The powerful combination of Mars (their ruling planet) and fire (their element) makes Aries women’s energy more masculine than any other sign’s. The warrior figure is very present here!

Aries woman

Everything is a war for the women of Aries. Even love feels like war to them! Nothing can be easy for these passionate creatures – they just can’t help but add a pinch of spicy emotions to the equation. If something looks hard, they won’t quit until they try it. They’re known for their ambitions and love for challenges. 


Taurean women are the perfect personification of Venus, their ruling planet that is associated with beauty and femininity. Taurean ladies are the most feminine women of the Zodiac, they value harmony, peace, they’re strong, just, and firm. Their energy is all about knowing and understanding everything.

The harmony of Taureans is not just visual but sensitive, too. If you look at a Taurus, you’ll see that everything feels right: her hair, her clothes, her perfume. For them, relationships and love are not a problem. They don’t like quick relationships, though, and usually invest in something long-term. 


The women of Gemini are the symbol of cleverness and communication. They’re the most versatile sign of the Zodiac due to the multiplicity of their personality. They show no fear while navigating through different situations and issues – their supernatural adaptability helps them with this.

Gemini woman

Their way of communication will charm literally everybody: it’s so light, natural, and joyful! Meeting new people, talking, and sharing thoughts and opinions is their favorite pastime activity. In love, they’re extremely rational and usually refuse to go deep in their emotions even though they have many.


Cancerian women unite all the characteristics of a caring mother even if they don’t have kids. They are the symbol of care and nourishment. The combination of water (their ruling element) and the Moon (their ruling planet) makes them extremely emotional and empathetic creatures. They always care about others.

You can think that these women are extremely fragile but it’s actually quite the opposite! Their caring and nourishing attitude also comes with the ability to keep going and protect others no matter what happens. They’re firm, strong, and protective (sometimes overprotective) – and this applies to every relationship they have. 


The women of Leo shine bright like the sun. They’re luxurious, elegant, and there’s that natural fire within them that makes everyone fall in love with Leo ladies from the first sight. Wherever they are, it’s almost impossible for them to go unnoticed. Leo ladies own the Zodiac and they love it!

Leo woman

They’re lovely creatures to be around: they never fail to cheer up everyone around them with their wild ideas. If there’s a Leo woman in the room, you just can’t be sad – they’ll make you smile whatever it takes! If they fall in love, they do it in earnest: their feelings are like an avalanche and can be overwhelming for some. 


Virgo women are perfection seekers of the Zodiac. They’re intriguing, rational, and sometimes seem to be a bit fragile. Mercury (their ruling planet) is associated with intelligence, reasoning, and communication – this makes Virgo ladies think fast and have a huge capacity for learning.

Relationships can be difficult for the women of this sign. Sometimes, they can find themselves struggling when it comes to relating to other people. Some Virgos don’t see the point of staying in a relationship if it’s not useful for her – if it doesn’t make her feel good, she leaves.


The women of Libra absolutely hate injustice and chaos. They pursue harmony in every side of their lives because they believe that it’s impossible to succeed and be happy without harmony. They personify the most harmonious side of Venus, their ruling planet. They value love and beauty.

Libra woman

If there’s chaos involved, they don’t want it. They can’t stand too loud or too vibrant places. Their essence is all about peace and quiet. But they’re not at all cheerless – quite the opposite. They love fun but dislike drama – the same can be said about their preferences in relationships. Harmony is essential!


Scorpio’s element is water but the women of this sign act a bit different as this element says. There’s a reason for it: their ruling planet is Mars who is associated with fire and war, turning Scorp’s energy into a curious combo of fire and water. Scorpios are much more aggressive and passionate than their fellow water signs.

Scorps do not fear change. In fact, after each revolution, they become more powerful. They just turn into a better version of themselves. When it comes to love, they’re literal magnets who have armies of admirers. Once in a relationship, they’re loyal and do not accept any kind of betrayal. 


Sag’s energy is all about smiles and laughter. Sagittarian women just know how to make others laugh – if they can’t cheer you up, no one can. Sags are born with good humor and joy for an entire life. They’re perfect friends and lovers: joyful, loyal, optimistic, passionate, fun, and understanding.

Sagittarius woman

Somehow, Sags manage to look aggressive and stern and have that child-like attitude at the same time. They know how to keep things airy and easy for everyone. Freedom is important to them: they continue growing intellectually throughout their lives. They like reading, traveling, and exploring new things and people. 


Cap women are the solid fortresses of the Zodiac – they are reliable, they stay unaffected by events and circumstances, and they’re almost supernaturally strong. Their element (earth) makes them serious and somewhat rigid. They adopted their professional attitude for everything, even for love.

The women of Capricorn just know how to work: everything they propose to do, they do well. They’re responsible, serious, and very dedicated to whatever they do. As an employee, they’ll do everything to perform very well, and as a boss, they’ll do their best to lead their business to success.


The energy of the women of Aquarius is all about surprises and being spontaneous. You never know what to expect from them. They like to be special and different from others. But they’re passionate about their beliefs, and if they’re sure about something, you just can’t convince them otherwise.

Aquarius woman

Aquarius ladies attract a lot of attention for being sociable, clever, witty, and friendly. If they’re like this, they expect their partner to be the same. Intellectual identification is extremely important for this sign. For the women of Aquarius, love is synonymous with companionship and friendship.


The women of Pisces are a magical mix of every other sign of the Zodiac. Being the last in the Zodiac wheel helps them be more adaptable. The combo of air (their ruling element) and Neptune (their ruling planet) makes them dreamy, thoughtful, sensitive, and romantic. Some Pisceans may be easily hurt.

Love is an extremely complicated area for these women. They are often attracted to bad and even cruel people, trying to save them and bring them to the light side. But at the same time, they often dream of encountering perfect princes who will take care of them and make them happy. Pisceans just can’t decide what they really want.

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