Nagging thoughts won’t leave you alone. “What if..?”, you ask yourself for the hundredth time, bite your nails and pace the room. From a legitimate concern of trying to remember whether you have unplugged your iron to a fear of an obscure chance of getting abducted by the aliens, we all have something that is eating at us. Learn what keeps each zodiac sign awake at night.

Lively and upbeat Gemini can’t stand when their freedom is restricted. Even standing in a queue, the speed and length of which is beyond their control can make them very uncomfortable. A relationship in which their partner is trying to control them or being stuck at a job that does not entail any kind of growth – it all can break them into pieces.

In their life Gemini needs movement, and of equal importance is the understanding that in any situation they can stand up and walk away as soon as they want to. Situations in which it appears there is no easy way out, freak them out. Being locked into a boring and inescapable routine can make Gemini very anxious.

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