The Tarot in August

Explore the meaning of the card and peer into your future!

This month’s main Tarot card looks scary but is it really that bad? Does it promise positive changes or chaos? Will it bring tears or joy? Exploring its meaning can tell you a lot about your future this August – read about the Judgment card and find out what to expect!



The Judgment




The meaning of this powerful card is quite clear: you must make a final decision. Analyze your current situation and try to understand what you really want, where you want to move, and what sensations you want to feel. The card is telling you that your chance to change your life for the better and acquire peace is finally here. It’s time to break away from the standards, end a period, and start pursuing new goals and dreams.


How to interpret it?


The Judgment card features an angel, a spiritual entity that is between god and humans, who is playing a trumpet announcing the start of the judgment. This is archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God. Three people are listening attentively to the angel’s call: a child, a woman, and a man. They’re ready to be judged and to find out if they are accepted into the heavens or not. Sometimes, there’s an extensive mountain range in the background that signifies our inability to avoid the judgment.




The card symbolizes a call to out interior. A celestial judgment helps us understand what we did wrong and lets us be spiritually reborn. We re-evaluate our lives, and it allows us to make important decisions. To do this, you will need to use both your brain and your heart. Listen to your intuition and find out what you need to do to solve your past issues and refill your spirit with hope and light.


What is its message?




This is a positive card for all of us – it doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, employed or jobless at the moment. The card signifies positive changes and, most importantly, your ability to make important decisions. You understand now that it’s time to let the past go to make room for some events and experiences. 


You will be filled with the desire to feel and express new emotions. Your need to feel will grow stronger.

In the sphere of career, your projects will be a total success. Getting a promotion is very possible this month, and if you’re unemployed at the moment, you will find the job of your dreams very soon. Be ready for your current situation to transform for the better!



In the sphere of finances, you’re doing well too – there’s a lot of chances to get some extra cash by reimbursing old debts.




There’s a possibility that your relationship will be restored – of course, only if you want this. You may feel old feelings and experience some connections that were almost forgotten. Regarding your current relationship, you will make a very important decision. You may end it if it’s far from what you expect from a relationship – or upgrade it if you feel it’s time to take a step forward.


Your health will improve this month, especially if you’ve been suffering from some illness for a long time.

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