Some relationships just don’t work. No matter how hard you try, they leave you with your heart broken, your feelings hurt, and time wasted. So, to avoid these romantic disasters, it’s time to learn which signs you are not compatible with — make your love life more about love and less about pain!

Never date Cancer, Gemini, and Pisces. Even though they obviously have a lot in common, two Gemini natives just don’t make for a good couple because there are too many personalities and opinions to deal with. You’re both outgoing but this outgoingness disappears when you meet your fellow Gemini.

Another sign you should avoid dating is Cancer – mostly because you will surely have some trouble getting on the same page emotionally and romantically (and in bed as well). Pisces can be hit or miss: if you are on a date with a Piscean and just don’t feel it, think of an excuse to leave immediately.

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