Some relationships just don’t work. No matter how hard you try, they leave you with your heart broken, your feelings hurt, and time wasted. So, to avoid these romantic disasters, it’s time to learn which signs you are not compatible with — make your love life more about love and less about pain!

Never date Aries, Capricorns, and Libra. You know Aries natives, they can be… a bit annoying to you. If you are looking for a challenge, Aries is a great choice for you. If not, look for someone less explosive, less random and more reliable. You can’t tolerate annoyance forever – no one can.

Your union with Libra will not be a complete and total disaster but it surely won’t be cloudless either. You both expect too much from each other. Dating your fellow Capricorn can’t end well: it means double stubbornness and double coldness, which can and will be extremely boring for both of you.

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