Our lives are generally viewed as a sequence of black and white stripes. The main question is where this borderline at which a white stripe turns into a black one is actually located. However, there are certain omens that mark the start of the down times of our lives. Pick your sign and find out what omens you should pay attention to and what to do not to kickstart a run of bad luck.

Chaos is what makes your eye twitch, Taurus. The most cursed days of the year that are overwhelmed with chaos are Fridays the 13th when planetary vibes get somewhat broken and something unexpected is likely to happen and ruin your plans. Being a sign that constantly craves stability, the uncertainty of these days pisses you off, Taurus.

If possible, stay at home on Fridays the 13th, Taurus. If not, try not to arrange important meetings or to finalize contracts and deals on this cursed day. However, the most important part is to avoid starting new projects, whether at work or around the house, on Friday the 13th as you are unlikely to succeed.

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