Our lives are generally viewed as a sequence of black and white stripes. The main question is where this borderline at which a white stripe turns into a black one is actually located. However, there are certain omens that mark the start of the down times of our lives. Pick your sign and find out what omens you should pay attention to and what to do not to kickstart a run of bad luck.

What can be harder for a fiery Aries native than to walk past a shiny penny on the floor? But are all shiny pennies lucky? Don’t rush to pick it up. Is the coin facing tails up or down? If it’s tails down, then it’s all yours as one olde good rhyme says, all the day you’ll have good luck.

However, a coin facing tails up catches your eye, be sure to walk past it. This is considered a bad omen for Aries representatives and is associated with losing money rather than with attracting luck. Besides, ambitious Aries people tend to treat this as a much greater failure than it really is so a coin facing tails up just isn't worth it.

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