Weekly Horoscope

While Venus and Jupiter will not align in Capricorn and as they spend their first, last and only full week together here their focus is very different, together they are changing your view on what's possible. Venus is only here for 24 days and gone before the Sun returns to begin your birthday month and new solar year later next week, she is on a mission to give your heart a voice but in a way that is focused on what you want now.

As the planet of love, this includes capitalising on the romantically charged lunar vibes at the start of the week. On the other hand, this is the first full week of Jupiter's 12 month visit and the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Venus is here for the short and Jupiter for the long term. Venus wants it now and Jupiter wants to build for the future, yet between them, there is now a new belief that anything is possible. In the meantime, a Full Moon on the job front on Thursday will give the final weeks of this professional year a boost.

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