Weekly Horoscope

After the intensity of starting last week with five of the six planets in Capricorn aligned and with all six having just been pummelled by an eclipsing Full Moon, things are a lot less intense this week. The faster moving planets are both moving apart and moving on, with Mercury having left Capricorn last Friday and the Sun leaving on Tuesday, bringing your birthday month to a close.

This still leaves four planets in Capricorn and three of them playing a long game you are nearly at the point of being ready to commit to your new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. While the Sun and Mercury are turning their attention onto your income situation, matters and options, the dwarf planet Ceres is staying on in Capricorn for another week. This gives you time to take a deeper dive into your real needs and priorities and before embracing this expansive and opportune year, make time to redefine your own definition of success.

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