Daily Horoscope


20 January Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Leading a horse to water but struggling to make it drink is due to bad timing. If it's in both your and the horse's best interests that the animal drinks, then choosing the right moment by identifying the need makes the task easier. If you feel you've been banging your head against the proverbial wall with getting someone on your side or to see your point of view, then immaculate timing is the answer!
For the first time this year, the Sun is on the move, shifting the solar spotlight and as is often the case, this is the only thing that changes. The Sun's departure from your income sector might take the solar spotlight off your income situation, matters and options but he leaves behind Venus, with the planet of money determined to make the next two weeks as lucrative as possible. In the meantime, as the Sun shifts his focus onto your communications it is to find an army of support already engaged.
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