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15 August Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Many people made and continue to make their mark later on in life. Think of people like Colonel Sanders, Walt Disney, and Ronald Reagan. They are three examples of reassurance we can gain from knowing that we're never too old to pursue something important to us. Please understand I'm not suggesting you're old. But if you think it's too late to explore options surrounding a cherished ambition, you could discover otherwise if you make an effort to do some exploring.
This is one of those days when it is not the speed that you approach things or how fast you can get things done and instead how present you are. You will not only find it soothing for body, mind and soul when you take the time to stay present, especially if you are performing routine tasks, chores or at work but you are more likely to have eureka or light bulb moments. Uranus, the planet that helps you to connect with the inventive and imaginative part of your mind is at a standstill today and if you slow down you are more likely to capture those whispers from the universe.
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