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Overall Score: 9/10 First Third: Radiant Romance Score: 9.5/10 Your natural charisma shines brighter, making your love life sizzle. You should: plan romantic getaways and showcase mutual affection. You shouldn’t: overshadow your partner. Share the spotlight. Opportunities: Renewed passion, unforgettable moments. Warnings: Avoid excessive pride; remain humble and grounded. Mid-Month: Creative Collaborations Score: 8.5/10 Harness your creative energies to build something beautiful together. You should: embark on artistic endeavors. Dream and design together. You shouldn’t: dismiss your partner's ideas. Co-create harmoniously. Opportunities: Mutual inspiration, shared projects. Warnings: Steer clear of competition; appreciate each other's strengths. Last Third: Loyal Leadership Score: 9/10 Your leadership abilities and loyalty take center stage. You should: take charge of responsibilities and pledge long-term commitment. You shouldn’t: become dictatorial. Decisions should be mutual. Opportunities: Relationship stability, planning for the future. Warnings: Avoid dominance; mutual respect is vital. Overall: Leo, this month unfolds as a dance of radiant romance, creative collaborations, and steadfast loyalty. Let your heart lead with grace and ensure equal footing in love.

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