Think you know everything about your zodiac sign? We bet you don’t! Leos are not only self-assured, Capricorns are not just hard-working, and Libra people are not merely balanced. Much more is hidden beyond the smooth surface of well-known zodiac features – uncover the secrets of your nature!

Librans are chiefly full of love and harmony and always try to please everyone around. But as soon as the situation causes you discomfort, things may get really weird. And your super emotional nature doesn’t exactly help matters. Either you want to start a deep intellectual conversation or get in a flirtatious mood, it is not always what is required.

Although Librans surely have good intentions, things do not always come out well in the end. Your aspiration to make people happy sometimes forces you to hide some information from them. No matter how exhausting this pursuit may be, you’ll go to any lengths so as not to disappoint those you care about.

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