Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against us and no one can help. However, we can help ourselves but only if we know the right words! Every zodiac sign wants and needs different things and our task is to help you find the right words that will boost your motivation immensely!

Libra reps are easy to rule and control as they want to please everyone. Others may control you making you fight in the situation when you’d rather behave in a more peaceful manner. All these factors make it hard for you to come to a well-considered decision making you feel that life is too unfair to you.

Read the following affirmations and choose the one that suits you best: “When I see the beautiful and fair world around me I feel calm and self-confident.” Or “If I take the liberty to be responsible for my own decisions I will find the peace of mind I’ve been craving.” Which of the following affirmations would you pick?

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