People often forget that they’re a part of nature and can be healed, supported, inspired, and motivated by its powers. It’s time to learn what plants and herbs give power to you and your zodiac sign! Turn your garden into a place where you can find peace and harmony!
The planetary ruler of your sign is Venus – the planet of love and beauty, which means the flowers associated with it should look delightful and smell magnificent. Taurus is the sign that rules ears and throat, so the herbs of your zodiac supporter are those able to soothe the throat and relieve ear pain.

Plants that can calm the digestive system after overeating are also among those that suit Taureans best. The fruits and vegetables that you should fill your fridge with are peas, potatoes, olive, grapes, apricots, strawberries, and apples. Daisies, sweet peas, violets, roses, and geraniums should be included into your perfect bunch of flowers. The herbs able to heal Taurus natives are mallow, dandelion, thyme, and fenugreek.

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