Toxic Phrases

Toxic Phrases That May Destroy Your Relationship

By Eugenia Stern

Published: May 22, 2020

Toxic relationships can happen to every sign of the Zodiac. But what can you do to detect toxicity? Is it even possible? Can you be the one who brings toxicity into the relationship? Read on to learn more about 6 toxic phrases that can ruin your relationship! If any of them sound familiar, it’s time to make some big changes.

I would be nothing without you


This phrase may sound cute but it is actually a big red flag – it means that the person is too dependent on you. They suggest that they can’t live without you and your help. Being someone else’s reason for living can be extremely damaging and unhealthy. This phrase also means the person expects too much from you and this may lead to disappointment and hurt feelings.

Only you can make me happy


Another phrase that sounds cute but actually is not – this is a sign that your significant other can’t find happiness in themselves like they’re supposed to do. One should not expect others to complete them: you need to grow happiness from the inside. Expecting someone else to do the job for you may be toxic. Being too dependent on someone can hurt both you and your partner.

You’re too good for me


Or, another variant with the same meaning: I’m not good enough for you. This phrase makes you get the feeling that you’re not appreciating them enough. If they think too highly of you, it will probably lead to being let down at some point. This phrase may also mean that this person is fishing for compliments – and this may be toxic and annoying.

You’re perfect


This one sounds innocent but it may mean that the person thinks you’re perfect as you are and doesn’t want you to change. If your significant other refuses to allow you to grow, it may be an issue for both of you: we’re all humans, we change, we adapt, and we can’t stay the same forever, so asking your partner to stop growing is toxic. You will change (because everyone does!) and this will lead to disappointment for both of you.

You’re better than my ex


One should not say that to their significant other. Period. Comparing your current partner to your exes may leave a huge, ugly scar on their heart. It may be hard to stop the ghosts of your ex(es) from entering your current relationship, but it’s extremely important to do so before they ruin or affect it. Thinking about your ex from time to time is normal and can happen to all of us but make sure it doesn’t influence your relationship and your partner in a negative way.

I want to always be with you


This means this person wants to spend all their time with you – and this can get pretty annoying. Needing time apart from your loved one is natural. You can’t just say goodbye to all your friends and hobbies and spend all the time with your significant other. If your partner refuses to give you space, it may mean that your relationship is toxic.

No matter what your sign is, relationships are very important, and a toxic relationship can hurt you emotionally and even affect your health negatively. Listen to your intuition and be strong if you need to escape from a toxic relationship.

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