Life is not always kind to us. Haters, critics, our own vulnerability, lack of confidence, time, etc. can take the wind out from our sails. Unfortunately, there may be no one around to provide support or a much-needed kick up the rear to keep us going. Then, we need to remember a mantra – a timeless piece of advice that can encourage us to overcome difficulties. Find yours in this horoscope!

Leo is as warm and generous as the Sun itself. Many think you are invincible but there is a kind and vulnerable personality behind that seemingly ironclad façade. You tend to trust people because you believe in the inborn kindness and good nature of others. Unfortunately, it seldom is the case.

You need to remember: your intentions are good, but it doesn’t mean that everyone around you follows the same life principles. Value your trust more; do not rely on people who have not deserved it yet. You needn’t lose faith in humanity altogether, though. Just be pickier when it comes to whom you can trust.

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