Rune Stone Reading for December

How will your career and relationship change this December? Will dark energies go away, or will they become even stronger?! We asked runes about your future, and here’s what they’re saying…

Published: Nov 25, 2021

Your runes this December are Othala and Ehwaz.

Ehwaz (reversed position): Travel

Rune stone reading for December: Ehwaz
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This rune’s energy is all about expanding your mind.

It is associated with long-distance travel, higher education, and ideals. If you don’t understand something (for example, if your current situation doesn’t make sense to you, or you fail to see someone else’s motivations), the rune will help you get the complete picture.

The rune also says a lot about spiritual transitions and journeys, so, if you’re interested in this part of life, your spirituality will face an important upgrade. You will embrace the things that used to be incomprehensible to you.

Ehwaz is also connected to the ravens of Odin (king of the gods in Norse mythology). According to myths, Odin needs two ravens because he wants unbiased information. The rune says that it’s possible to get a clear view of things.

What runes say about your job & career

Rune stone reading for December: Career
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In this position, Ehwaz indicates a roadblock or an obstacle that stops you from achieving your goal. It may be a person who is negative towards you (your co-worker or even your boss). However, it’s not your fault. You’re doing everything possible to achieve your goal, and the way you chose to pursue your goals is the best one. Whatever you’re doing is correct and timely. If you avoid doing something, it is the correct thing to do.

Some career opportunities are out of your reach now, and that’s completely okay. Don’t stress over something you can’t change now. At the same time, you can expect a very relaxing vacation in the near future — your task now is to enjoy it!

If you want to boost your career in the future, you should avoid risks and conflicts at work. Try to sit the situation out. The rune tells you to be patient and just wait. Relax, and don’t let this inevitable delay make you feel sad or annoyed.

Othala (direct position): Belonging

Rune stone reading for December: Othala
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The rune’s energy is associated with the concept of the group.

Othala is dubious. For every yes, there is a no. If you’re happy about your situation, there’s always something that spoils the moment for you. The rune often speaks about discord in the group: the structure of the group is changing. Your roles will be redistributed.

At the same time, the rune gives you a sense of confidence, irreplaceability, and purpose.

What runes say about your love life, health & family

Rune stone reading for December: health and love
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Othala is associated with obligations. You clearly feel the obligations imposed on you by your loved ones. You accept that you owe something to them, and they owe something to you. The rune’s essence can be described like this: “You’re my husband (wife, son, mother), and that’s why you have to do this…” If you refuse to obey, you stop being part of the group.

Runic advice: pay special attention to your significant other. Seek support from them.

If you think your relationship doesn’t work anymore, you need to let it go. Now is the best time for it. However, you shouldn’t make any sudden movements or decisions. If something needs to go, it will go away on its accord.

When it comes to your health, the rune tells you to seek help from your family. You can expect some minor health problems, but your family’s love will make you feel a lot better. Don’t be afraid to ask them for support.

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