Relationships often end in conflicts. However, if you have kids or mutual friends, you would like to avoid parceling and to stay connected. Luckily, knowing your ex’s Zodiac sign will help you reduce the post-breakup bitterness. Choose your former partner’s sign to find out how you can stay on friendly terms!

Leo people love to be adored, and your ex-partner is no exception. Even if you’re not together anymore these people still appreciate it if they’re able to stay in the center of your attention; don’t forget to pay a sincere compliment if you’re eager to achieve your desired aims. However, be careful not to go over the top and make sure your compliments are not mere flattery.

The main problem with your Leo ex is that people born under this sign are typically self-centered and self-absorbed, so you can’t make them give as much as you do. Don’t manipulate them resorting to ultimatums or playing on their sympathy. Let them decide what they should feel and what they should do if you want your relationship to remain healthy.

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