October’s Tarot

Here’s what this month’s Tarot card tells about your life

October is ruled by one of the best-known Tarot cards – and its real meaning may surprise you. It’s considered to be the largest card of the Arcane.

The Fool 


Fool Tarot card

This card is not actually related to madness or foolishness – its real essence is far from someone who is not too familiar with the Tarot can imagine. When we apply this card to readings, it’s usually connected with changes and important life lessons. It often symbolizes the end or the beginning of something big. 

The card is about freedom. The Fool does whatever he likes. He’s free to choose his own ways; he comes and goes according to his wildest desires. He’s able to solve any problem. He travels with just the luggage he needs. 

He’s an interesting person who may surprise you with his behavior or weird actions. The essence of the card is freedom and evolution, and sometimes chaos. 

The Card’s Interpretation

A man stands on the edge of the cliff, setting out on a new adventure. He’s looking upward towards the sky (towards the spiritual world) and seems to be unaware that he’s about to fall. He carries a knapsack that contains everything he needs. He’s followed by a small white dog that represents loyalty and, sometimes, the inner beast that is a part of our consciousness. The animal seems to encourage him to move forward and learn the lessons. It urges him to walk into the unknown world while armed with his impetus and his ability to be free. 

His knapsack is tiny; he may be unaware of what the bag actually contains. He will discover it during his journey. 

Woman jumps and breaks the chains

His spontaneity and naive desire to change his life can be reflected in your love life. It means that this month, you may get carried away by all sorts of emotions and free yourself from prejudice. 

In general, this card symbolizes the willingness to live a life full of adventures but it also tells you to be careful and not act immaturely. 

Finances and career

It is the perfect time to enjoy the new. The card symbolizes the new phase at work – or maybe even a big change in your career. The Fool also tells you that your desire to change your life is bigger than ever; and you need to listen to this desire.

several leaves of various colors

Pursue your goals no matter what happens but make sure to be careful enough, as the spirit of this card brings many risks and dangerous situations. If you’re unemployed at the moment, this month may bring you the perfect possibilities regarding your career path. You will find a new job that suits you and your needs. Click here to learn what to expect in terms of career.


In the love life, the Fool card can bring several opportunities but its essence can also ruin everything. If the influence of the card is positive, it means that you’re relaxed, calm, and send your feel-good vibes to your partner, bringing your relationship to a new level. You’re closer to each other than ever. 

If the influence of the card is negative, it may mean that you’re about to start wondering if your relationship is actually what you want. 

sad woman on the swing

You may ask yourself lots of difficult questions: “Is it worth it? Do I actually love this person? Is it what I need from a relationship?” You may feel incomplete; your desire to find someone who understands you better will grow. Clear here to get deeper insignts into your relationship.

If you’re not taken at the moment, you will use the energy of this card to meet new people. Relax and have fun! 

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