How To Leave Your Life Behind And Start Over Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Leaving everything you know behind and starting fresh can be just as terrifying as it is exciting. Luckily, you can look at your zodiac sign for guidance before taking this massive leap of faith.

Published: Jul 19, 2021

Tips For Leaving Everything In The Past and Starting A New Life According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes the only solution to feeling stuck is to throw your hands in the air and start over. At first, leaving your mundane life behind can seem like a fleeting dream. However, with the right mindset, starting over can be more attainable than you think. Each zodiac sign holds significant insight into making a smooth transition into a new, fruitful life.


Aries should part with their past life by falling in love with a new city and unapologetically chasing whatever makes them feel most alive.

Aries can be very impulsive, so leaving everything in the past and starting over is something they’ve always been destined to do! Aries is a true adrenaline junkie. When going off the grid, they should consider wiping their social media accounts to complement their spontaneous adventure. They’ll find they’re only really free when they’ve cut ties with their internet friends.


Due to their responsible and practical nature, Taurus may find it difficult to drop everything and start a new life. The idea of sudden change can be frightening, so they should bring a friend, partner, or pet with them to make it more comfortable. Having someone from their past life close by will give them the stability they cling to.


Gemini’s curiosity will allow them to seek great adventure during any stage of their life. In order to start over, Gemini should find inspiration from their favorite book, movie, or even a song. However, once they’ve picked their new destination, they should be prepared not to want to stay long, as Gemini gets bored very quickly.


Cancer should embrace their intuition through mindful practices like meditation and yoga while searching for guidance in new beginnings.

Highlight intuitive, Cancer should seek guidance for their new life from within. By visualizing their future, creating a mantra, and journaling, they’ll be able to manifest a life they’ve always dreamed of having. Cancer needs to keep their emotions in check during this transition, as their judgment can easily be clouded while making important decisions. 


Leo still reminisces on those childhood dreams and desires that slowly faded away as they got older. When debating moving away and starting a new life, they should take this opportunity to rediscover an old passion. Friends and family may try to hold them back, but Leo should rely on their resilience and inner-child to pursue their lifelong goals. 


Known for their keen attention to precision and logic, a Virgo will benefit from making a detailed plan before starting a new life. That also means they should sort out their affairs before beginning this journey, not leaving any business unfinished. Whether it’s moving away or starting a new career, Virgo will find peace on their latest adventure as long as they stay organized.


Libra should spend time in nature surrounded by plants and flowers while planning their new life.

A lover of the outdoors, Libra should look toward nature for inspiration in their new life. However, to make this shift successful, Libra will need to make a plan and stick with it. They often find that their indecisiveness leads to their downfall, so committing to starting fresh is the most critical step they’ll take on their new path.


For Scorpio, the most challenging part of starting a new life will be leaving friends behind. Scorpio values friendship very highly, so they should make it a point to keep in touch with the people they’re close with when they seek new beginnings. Ultimately, Scorpio will feel more at peace during this transition knowing they still have support from their old friends. 


Sagittarius has been waiting their entire life to pick up and jump onto something new. An eager wanderer, this sign is always searching for deeper meaning. While starting fresh, Sagittarius should prepare by writing down their goals and visualizing the life they want to live. By having a clear vision for their future, this sign will find endless happiness in whatever path they choose.


Capricorn can find meaning in their new life by trying something fresh and exciting like adopting a pet or embarking on a spontaneous adventure.

Capricorn might find that their cynicism has stopped them from picking up and starting fresh in the past. To overcome this hurdle, they should establish purpose in their new life and remember that it’s never too late. Capricorn should consider starting a new business, adopting a pet, or seeking a new hobby to keep them on track to inner fulfillment. 


Known for their independence, Aquarius will thrive in leaving everything behind and starting with a blank slate. Aquarius might consider buying a one-way ticket to another state or even another country to seek the ultimate adventure. Perhaps doing volunteer work in a new community will fulfill the higher purpose they’ve been searching for throughout their lifetime.


Pisces should seek a creative project to aid in jumpstarting their new life. Perhaps converting an old school bus or building their dream house will do the trick! The only real hurdle for Pisces will be overcoming their fear of criticism, so it’s crucial to tone out any doubters and trust the universe in whatever direction it pulls them. 

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