Each part of your body is governed by particular Zodiac signs, meaning we have the energy of every single sign in our bodies. When a certain body part is facing an illness, you can use your energies to try and heal it. Read on to find out how to channel your energies and use the power of the Zodiac!

This sign governs your teeth, bones, and knees. Its energies are connected with productivity and getting things done in the most effective way possible. Caps are extremely ambitious and will do everything to achieve their goals. They hate chaos; their energy is all about harmony and order.

When the energies of the sign are imbalanced, some serious knee or bones problems can happen. It can also result in blockages and a lack of motivation and creativity. To balance the energies of Capricorn, you need to take a break and check what exactly fuels your motivation. Relax and meditate. Get your complete soul profile.

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