Everyone has a more or less accurate picture of what personality traits every sign is known for. But what if it is only the tip of the iceberg? What if all sign natives have a secret desire they are hiding deep inside for fear of being laughed at or feeling insecure? Or maybe, it's because they don’t even fully realize this is what they want! Let’s find out what hidden impulse drives every sign through life!

Diplomatic, compromise-oriented Libra loves to have their life in order and under control. They don’t mind traveling or acquiring exciting experiences, but all in good measure. Big dreams, big pictures, big projects, in fact, everything big and obviously effort-intensive scares them off.

While others may take this for indecision, Libra is actually very far from being indecisive or shy. What they crave most is equilibrium. When faced with a dubious fact or situation, the Scales shy away to preserve the clarity of their mind. Surprisingly, choosing between two opposite sides presents a problem for them as well, so they do their best to keep their environment unruffled.

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