February 2020 Tarot

The Main Tarot Card This February – What It Really Means
Every Tarot card has a deep meaning and focuses on certain aspects of your life. This month, one of the cards steps in front. Read on to find out what exactly it means and what you should expect in life!

The Temperance: Overview

jc-edh-february tarot-temperance

The Temperance card shows an angel who is both masculine and feminine, which represents the balance of opposites. He or she usually wears a robe (white or light blue) with a triangle enclosed in a square. It represents that humans, symbolized by the triangle, are bound by the Earth (the square). The angel balances one foot on the rock and one foot in the water – it means both the need to stay grounded and the need to be in flow. He or she pours water between two bowls, symbolizing the flow of life. In the background, there’s usually a path that is associated with your journey through life.

This card is associated with harmony, regeneration, self-discipline, moderation, and serene flow of life. Everything is moving towards improvement. The internal energies of life resume their course, but this card can also bring some surprises – and they will mostly be positive for you. It can talk about long-term projects and the fact that now you can see your life more clearly. The biggest benefit of this card is that it can allow you to learn new things and use your knowledge to your advantage.

Its message

The Temperance card has a positive meaning. You are in control of your fate and ready to face obstacles and overcome them with ease. You’re in charge now. If you get this card in your Tarot reading, it usually means that you’re about to win something important. The card can also speak about adaptation and sociability: winning a couple of new friends is possible this month! The Temperance is also a card of protection, balance, and appeasement. You will feel divine protection this month and feel like it’s possible for you to win against all odds.



The Temperance is very much related to the idea of self-care and regeneration, both physical and mental. The card indicates that you are going to be cured if you are sick. Its meaning is connected with enjoying life and feeling at ease with the world around you.
This card is beneficial to health: it may indicate that you’re about to change your lifestyle and make it more healthy. Let this card serve as an inspiration for you to improve your diet and maybe start hitting the gym this February!


A lot of unique opportunities will come into sight this month: business looks good and money will flow. Expect several new sources of income to appear. The card often signifies that waiting for an opportunity to appear is a good idea: patience will pay off. However, make sure to act out of prudence. Avoid taking risks: the card wants you to go easy on your finances. Be cautious with any decision that can affect the money flow.



This card may also serve as some kind of a warning or a friendly recommendation. You should be especially careful this month – think more about your health, both mental and physical. Avoid being stressed over non-essential things!

The Card wants you to…

  • Keep your eyes on the prize
  • Be patient
  • Look at the bigger picture
  • Go slow
  • Go smart
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