Dating a person born under the same sign seems super easy. You’ll probably have similar interests, schedules, food preferences, and outlooks on life. Surprisingly, it is not always the case. The mirror you’ll find in a same-sign partner can reflect the worst of your traits! Learn the pros and cons of dating your same sign!

Two dreamy Pisces packed together in a relationship is not a rare sight, and yet, a similar mindset can work against you at times. Your life together resembles a fantasy filled with love and romance, but you often forget that the world you are living in is very, VERY real, as well as the Pisces native you’ve partnered up with.

So, try not to overreact if you spot a drawback in your Piscean partner – to err is human, and you too make mistakes. You need to remember you both are wearing rose-tinted spectacles. Take them off at times and examine the world around to have a reality check. And please rely on professional help with your finances!

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