Learn everything about the Celtic astrology right now! Find out what your Tree sign is! Learn about your spirit animals and their symbolism! The dates of birth of the Celtic Zodiac don’t correspond with the dates of birth of the Western astrology, so be attentive when looking for your sign!

Those who were born from December 22 to December 23 belong to the Elder Tree sign. The natives of the sign tend to be wise, clever, and thoughtful. They analyze the issues they face from different perspectives and usually make the right decision. At the same time, they tend to be adventurous and eager to take risks.

Those who were born from December 24 to January 20 belong to the Birch Tree sign. It is typical of the natives of this sign to be somewhat innovative and have an unusual outlook on things around them. They know how to motivate other people to do something challenging or even heroic. It is easy for people born under the influence of Birch to become leaders. They tend to reach for more. 

The animals connected with those born during the first period are the badger, the black horse, and the raven. The black horse symbolizes strength and wisdom. The animals connected with those born during the second period are the golden eagle and the white stag. The white stag symbolizes the sign’s intelligence and swiftness. This animal is very aware of whatever is happening around it.

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