Whether you believe in magic or not, each zodiac sign has a disposition for some or several kinds of magical practices. Would you like to add a touch of magic to your life? Are you curious about what your strengths are? Find out the best sphere of magic according to your sign. Discover the world of magic!

The best magical practice for Virgo is herbalism. It is only natural that Virgo as an earth sign has a deep connection with plants and their cycles. You know how to take care of them, nurture them to the full growth, bottle and treat others. Teas, essences, and plant medicine is your element.

Are there any herb shops near your place? If you want to develop your magic skills, visit one of them and choose the plants that seem attractive to you. Find out how to brew herbal tea. Or, perhaps, you’d like to go even further and grow your own garden. In either case, herb energy will help you find your way to magic.

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