The purpose of astrology is to help people understand their inner selves. You probably already know about your ruling planet, element, and symbol. But what about your sign’s keyword? Discover what statement reveals the nature of each zodiac sign in the best way.

"I balance" is the best phrase to describe the most harmonious zodiac sign, Libra. Even your symbol, the Scales, show that you value the balance the most in your life. The symmetry and harmony are the things that you try to achieve in all spheres of your life. There’s no one else who can do it better than you.

Your desire to achieve balance can sometimes make you too indecisive. You tend to look at both sides and weigh all possible options in order to reach total fairness. Libra's tendency for justice will prevail even at the cost of logic. All these personality traits can be summed up in the phrase “I balance.”

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