Weekly Horoscope

We are still in the first three weeks of the year but already the dynamics are shifting. What we have this week that we didn't last week is diversity. The faster moving planets are starting to move on and populate new areas of your chart or at least bring new energy into already active areas. One area of your chart where this will be noticeable is on the relationship front.

While you have had Neptune in your relationship sector since 2012, having just turned direct in November he hasn't tried to compete with more active areas of your chart. However, that has changed with Venus, the planet of love's return, with your relationships all of a sudden back on your radar again. Another example is on the job front, where things are not starting from scratch but where the Sun and Mercury are picking up from where Venus left off. At the same time, the Moon's return to your home and family sector on Monday, for its first visit of 2020 and since Mars' return, will put a lot more focus on home, family and/or property matters.

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