Weekly Horoscope

If there isn't any financial tension at the start of the week there could at the very least, be some strong emotional and passionate responses to both income and money matters. The week not only begins with the Moon in your financial sector, but as a Full Moon is putting pressure on both the Sun and Mars in your income sector.

While the Sun will use this to take a more objective look at the dynamics when it comes to a balance between money coming in and money going out, Mars will use this to fire up your fighting spirit. By Tuesday the Moon will be gone, your financial instincts and imagination will be fuelled and you will be a lot more ready to fight for what you deserve on the income front. In the meantime another balance issue that had been a challenge in the past, which is a balance between your personal and relationship needs has experienced a complete turnaround. This is thanks to a little help from the love and communication gods.

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