Weekly Horoscope

Even without this week's Full Moon and a rare Mercury eclipse, this week already had it all. Fortunately, you begin the week with the Moon in Aries and while it will leave in the early hours of the week, this will ensure your sixth sense is sharp from the get go. This may not have been such good news over the weekend, with the Moon amplifying any personal and/or relationship tension, as well as fuelling strong emotional responses.

However, the fog of war will soon clear and with Mars in his last full week in your relationship sector, this leaves you with a better sense of what you are fighting for. In the meantime, with a Full Moon in your income sector in the first 72 hours of the week and a rare Mercury eclipse in your financial sector, it will be a case of leaving the intensity of the weekend, only to move into a different kind of intensity. However, in both cases it is all about balance, with each side of the fence ripe with potential.

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