Weekly Horoscope

There is a sense of excitement in the air from the get go that hints at change. It starts with the adventurous lunar vibes underway at the start of the week. Normally, you might put this down to a case of Mondayitis and maybe add something to your bucket list for some future date.

Yet there is no push back from these adventurous lunar vibes, nothing telling you that this should wait and instead, everything is enticing you to forget the bucket list and embrace this now. At the same time, while the weekend's Full Moon may have created some intensity or even financial tension, by the time you move into the new week a smart head for money is already turning this into motivation. However, it is from midweek that the real change will be evident, as you find you have a lot more mental clarity, with the brain fog gone and in its place, mentally you once again have all cylinders firing. There is even a lucrative feel to the week.

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