Weekly Horoscope

Any week that hosts a lunar eclipse and especially when that week begins with the Sun and Pluto in opposition, is going to have some intensity and pressure. Unlike a solar eclipse in your home and family sector two weeks ago, which saw the Sun and Moon align to create an eclipsing New Moon, this week's lunar eclipse has the Sun and Moon in opposition. This time the Moon is in your career sector and we have a now familiar clash between your home and professional lives playing out.

It is this clash that the Sun and Pluto are also addressing at the start of the week. Yet while the week will end with Venus and Pluto in opposition, with those same work/life balance themes playing out, by then everything will have changed. The Moon's return to your career sector on Monday will set the wheels in motion for a lunar eclipse less than 48 hours later, finally bringing things to a head. This will take the heat out of things, just as a mix of playful and adventurous forces is destroying your taste for a life that is all work and no play.

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