Nobody wants to be lonely, and yet, there are so many people who are still looking for their lifelong partner. Why is that happening? The reason lies in the nature of their zodiac signs. Learn what traits of every sign scare romance away and which of your good qualities you need to emphasize to find your significant other!

Libra is single because they can’t decide on whom they want to see as their partner. They are comparing options, weighing arguments, and flirting with everyone around just in case. Too bad they don’t realize a fling may turn into a serious commitment and hurt the person they are flirting with.

Moreover, Libra loves posing as a martyr and whining about their problems. But the thing is that they are not really interested in finding a solution – they want to find a special someone who will then find all the solutions for them. Too bad very few people can appreciate a highly dependent whiner as their partner.

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