Zodiac First Move

How to show them that you care? The easiest way is to send a sweet text: It will not take too much effort to send a short text your crush will love, but the impact can be truly powerful. Especially when you use several tips from astrology. Read on to find out how, when, and what to text your crush!

Published: Apr 27, 2021


March 21 - April 19

If your crush is an Aries native, they hate it when people beat around the bush. If you don’t get to the point quickly enough, they lose interest. They are straightforward and being kept in suspense is one of the worst things for them. They want everything to happen right now, right here.

Zodiac First Move for Aries

That’s why you should ask your crush out. Your straightforwardness will be a turn-on. And you can take your straightforwardness even further: instead of politely asking them out, just tell them that you are going to meet them there and then. Be bold, flirty, confident, and funny – Aries natives love it!


April 20 - May 20

Let’s face it, if your crush is a Taurean native, they are not going to text you first. Making the first move is not in their stubborn nature. Admitting they like someone? Impossible! They’d rather passively wait until the person they like plucks up their courage and finally takes the first step.

But they are actually pretty sappy deep, deep down. Send them a simple I-Miss-You text: these three magical words carry a lot of meaning for any Taurus. This short message will somehow melt your Taurean’s heart. They will probably respond with “I miss you, too” and then some magic will happen.


May 21 - June 20

Gemini natives think they’re the most important person in the world and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, confidence and high self-esteem don’t harm anyone! And their confidence is a total turn-on for you, so embrace it! In your text, ask them how they are and be specific.

Instead of simply asking how their work has been, ask about the project they have been working on. Make sure to be as specific as possible. Instead of asking something general and boring about their school, ask them about their class. It’s important that you show that you care about them!


June 21 - July 22

Cancer natives take everything seriously. They want a serious job, serious friendships, and, of course, a serious relationship. So, if you want their heart to melt, make sure to show them that you treat them seriously. Be as serious and sappy as possible. Tell them that you can’t stop thinking about them.

Zodiac First Move for Cancer

This will show them that you’re serious. You don’t treat them as a one-night stand. You don’t treat them as a friend with benefits. You’re 100% serious about your relationship. Let them know that they haven’t left your mind – your sappiness will surely pay off. Go ahead and win your Cancer’s heart!


July 23 - August 22

Leo natives like being in the spotlight. They love attention and being in someone’s thoughts. So if you want their heart to melt, your text should be all about them. Tell them that you’ve been thinking about them, that they haven’t left your mind – but make sure to be original!

Tell your beloved Leo that you saw something that reminded you of them. It can be a movie, a nice picture, a delicious snack, or a beautiful dress. You may also accompany your text with a cute pic to make it extra-sweet. They will totally find it adorable that you thought about them when you saw something beautiful.


August 23 - September 22

If your crush is a Virgo native, they probably love sharing their thoughts about literally everything. Caring for their opinion is the best thing you can do. Show your interest. Encourage them to be as talkative as possible. Your attention will totally make your precious Virgo native’s heart beat faster!

Ask them if they have seen the latest episode of that show you both like. Encourage them to share their theories, even the craziest ones. What do they think will happen next? What do they think about the plot twist? Who is their favorite character? Who is the least favorite? And so on. Embrace your TV obsession!


September 23 - October 23

If your crush is a Libra native, they are probably shy and have difficulty taking the first step to contact. They are also very sensitive and tender: harsh words may hurt them deeply. They value peace and harmony, so no chaotic stuff allowed!

Zodiac First Move for Libra

Make sure to have a topic prepared. The worst thing someone can do to their Libra crush is to text them something like “What’s up?” and expect them to take the lead. You should start by telling them that something amazing has just happened to you. Tell them the story in detail: it will put them at ease.


October 24 - November 22

The most important thing when you’re around your Scorpio crush is to NEVER be shy and silent. Their nature is predominantly fiery, even though they are a water sign of the Zodiac. Many Scorpio natives love attention: so complimenting them and just talking about them and their appearance will melt their heart.

Be flirtatious and as romantic as possible. Tell them that you loved their dress or shirt they were wearing or that they look amazing in the latest photo they just posted. Remember: don’t be shy around a Scorpio native. Tell them what you think and spill as many sweetest compliments as you can.


November 23 - December 21

If your crush is a Sagittarius native, they are probably the smartest person you know. They know how to solve their and someone else’s problems, they can spot the tiniest details and never fail to see the deepest meaning. Talking to a Sagittarius feels amazing: they are the most understanding people of the Zodiac.

So, if you want to contact them, text your crush just one word: “Hey.” They will understand that this short message has a deeper meaning than it seems. They’ll understand that the only reason you sent this message is that you are in love with them and want to talk. Make sure to keep it simple – a short text will be enough.


December 22 - January 19

If your crush is a Capricorn native, they are probably the most hardworking individual you’ve ever met. They are smart and they love it when people notice and compliment their smartness. Appreciating and thanking them for their work is probably the sweetest thing you can do for your beloved Capricorn native.

Zodiac First Move for Capricorn

So, if you want to text them, ask them a question about their job. It’s even better if you work or study at the same place. “Hey, what was the homework?” Or “Do you have our boss’s email?” Something like this. Capricorn natives love feeling smart and needed, and your Capricorn is probably no exception.


January 20 - February 19

Aquarius natives are artistic people and appreciate beauty. They care about your personality but physical appearance means a bit more to them. They love looking at beautiful things and beautiful people – well, everyone does but for Aquarius natives, beauty is the center of the world.

So, instead of writing a long message, just send them a pic – it may be a pic of a beautiful building, a beautiful sunset, or your cat. Or even yourself (example: “Hey, what do you think about my new haircut?”). They’ll be happy to receive a nice pic and will definitely start a conversation about it.


February 20 - March 20

Pisceans appreciate good jokes – even if they’re a bit dark (but just a bit – don’t hurt their feelings!) Making them laugh or just smile is the best thing you can do to your beloved Pisces native. So, if you want to make them happy, tell an in-joke or, if you don’t have one yet, just mention a memory you share.

Remind them how fun you are to be around. Act like the story just popped into your head and made you smile or even laugh aloud. This will show how precious they are to you and what you think about them. Pisces natives are usually shy but this text may melt their heart and help them open up.

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