Every zodiac sign has a weak spot for a certain thing. Some are addicted to chocolate and sweets, some crave for adrenaline, some can’t say no to a party, while others get fixated on cleaning. Select your sign and learn what your most likely addiction is!

With high energy and constant need for movement, Aries strive when they take on multiple projects in various spheres of life to keep themselves busy. The secret potion that drives this perpetuum mobile is coffee. They drink so much of it that it runs in their veins. Health does not matter, Aries chose to turn a blind eye to all concerns connected with the black drink.

They can become so consumed in their activities that they lose count to the number of filled in cups, that is if they were counting them in the first place. So, if your friend of this sign heads into the kitchen for the 100th time, give them a gentle tap on the shoulder and take that cup away from them.

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