They’re soppy and full of questionable love lessons but we love them anyway. They can transport you from the dull reality into the world full of magic, laughter, love, tired cliches, and stupid pick up lines. They’re rom-coms and they deserve your attention this Valentine’s Day – check out the movie for your Zodiac sign!

Pisceans just love daydreaming, so their perfect movie must help them hide from scary reality and build beautiful pink castles in the sky. The Princess Bride (1987) is totally Piscean in tone. Weirdly named characters, pirates, giant rats, this movie builds a whole world of love and fairy tales.

Any Pisces native is guaranteed to fall in love with this flick’s easy-to-follow love storyline. Its plot is simple (he must find her and save her after a long separation), but it’s perfect for a quiet and comfy Valentine’s evening. So, get comfortable on your couch, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the magical world of this cute movie!

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