Every sign has their own quirk – or the thing they can get away with because people around them love them. And those things can vary quite wildly by sign. Some Zodiac signs can get away with bowing out of any kind of social activities. Some can get away with saying whatever they want. So, what is your sign’s quirk?

You’re probably one of the most enigmatic signs, Scorpio. Even your closest friends you’ve known for years have no idea how you actually feel. When that mysterious smile appears on your face, your friends just know that they’ve crossed the line. That smile means you are not going to say anything else.

Some other signs of the Zodiac take delight in telling everything they know. But you’re not like this. You are very slow to trust others with your secrets – and you’re also extremely good at keeping theirs, though. It’s hard to figure you out, but you’re probably one of the most loyal signs of the Zodiac.

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