Yes or No Wheel: Difficult Relationship Decisions

There is an easier and faster way to help you make up your mind—the Yes -or-No Wheel.

Published: Apr 25, 2023

Sometimes your mind can play tricks on you. Thoughts spinning in a loop, only to arrive at no decision whatsoever. When it goes on for more extended periods, it may get overwhelming and sour your whole existence—even if the decision you are trying to make is not so big. You can ask your friends or family to help, but obviously, you wouldn’t want to bother them every time it happens and become a nuisance. There is an easier and faster way to help you make up your mind, though—the yes or no spin wheel. 

Should I do it?

No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship or known your partner, you might be faced with a situation where you’ll have to make a particular decision. It might not be an important life-changing one like moving in together but something trivial, e.g., spending the weekend at his/her parent’s place, etc. The thing with simple decisions is that they are not vital enough to force you to write out all pros and cons, discuss them with your friends or family, or even consider them for too long. However, this seeming simplicity can make you indecisive: it’s so simple, so why should you bother pondering it over? But without giving it a second thought, you might not be able to come up with any decision at all. This is where you can shun the responsibility and let the yes/no wheel decide. Just think of the decision you need help with and give the yes-no wheel a good spin. In a few seconds, you’ll have your answer right in front of you.

Should I text him/her?

If you’re wondering, “Should I text him/her first?” the obvious answer is no. Well, not yet. Not until you read this piece up to the end. 

The smart plan for the situation you are in goes like this. Breathe deeply to help yourself relax if you are too nervous. Then, once you’ve calmed down a bit, ask yourself a number of questions. When did you meet or talk last? Is it usual for you to initiate a conversation via text? Did you get a response to the latest message you sent him/her? Do you just want to connect with him/her, or do you actually have something to say? If you have answered all these questions but still have not concluded whether you should text him/her, turn to the yes or no wheel

Yes or No wheel can help you decide if you should text him/her first
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Should I ask him/her out?

Another tricky emotional question that you can let the yes or no wheel decide is, “Should I ask him/her to hang out?” It’s quite understandable that you are excited about your relationship and you would like to connect with him/her as often as you can. But still, you need to learn to think through the butterflies. How was your previous date? Did it go off without a hitch? Did he/she only show the green flags? Then you can spin the wheel yes or no right now and get your answer. If it decides you should, you can text him/her immediately. If the wheel says no, take it as a ‘not yet.’ Just wait a day and ask again.

Should I kiss him/her?

The yes and no wheel can help you find the answer to the question, “When should I kiss him/her?” Simply ask the wheel, “Yes or no?” and give it a good spin. Regardless of what answer you receive, here are a few things for your consideration. 

You needn’t force yourself or your date to kiss on the first date if you don’t feel like it. Kiss whenever you think it’s time and you are both comfortable with it. Sometimes people need to get to know each other a little better before they initiate physical contact. Before leaning forward to kiss him/her, you should gauge his/her interest. Look at their mouth (do not stare!), touch them gently, keep eye contact, or—last but not least—simply ask if you can do it.

Should I block him/her?

If your date underwhelmed you or there was no spark, you can decide not to connect with him/her again. But what if he/she is too insistent, and you don’t feel like telling it to his/her face? Ask whether you should block him/her in your contacts and/or on social media, and let the wheel decide yes or no.

The wheel of fortune, ‘Yes or No,’ is an excellent tool for finding an answer to an impossible question or making a quick decision. It often comes in handy in matters of the heart. Just make sure you do not overuse it and take responsibility for your actions. 

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